Christmas Celebrations at St. Simon's School


This Christmas, St. Simon School will keep up its annual tradition by hosting various activities for the children, their parents and the local community. The children have just finished their half term exams and they are ready to celebrate.

The school will host a Christmas meal for needy people in the local area, and on the 22nd of December the children will put on a nativity play and dance recitals for their parents and other community members. The children from Jhola Children’s Home will join them at the school too, so they can all enjoy the festivities together.

We expect the events to be well-attended and well received, as they are every year. We are looking forward to the children’s performances!

Merry Christmas from everyone at Helping Point

Community Outreach at Christmas!


This time of year is a great opportunity for Helping Point to serve the most vulnerable in its communities, helping to meet the material needs of widows and others struggling with poverty.

This Christmas, Helping Point will be distributing food, saris and other clothing to many who live with so little. The team will also host special meals for a number of poor people the local communities to help mark this special time of year. Helping Point will also be providing food to the families that were hit hard by Cyclone Titli in October.

If you would like to donate towards the work of Helping Point, please give here. We are hugely grateful for all donations.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

A new school year has started!

A new school year has started!

Helping Point's St. Simon's School has begun a new year and the children at Jhola are also back to school. We also have launched our Graduate Program, in which 9 HP graduates are being supported to pursue college education. Please pray for all of these students as the enter in to a new year. Pray that they would learn, make friends, and grow in their faith!

Education Matters

Education Matters

“My name is Amrita* and I want to be a nurse.” Beaming, Amrita sat down and the student beside her stood up and shared what career she planned to pursue. And so it continued around the classroom, until every student had stood up and told us what career they wanted to have in the future. Sitting in an open-air classroom at St Simon’s School, sticking to my chair in the heat, with jungle and rice fields in all directions, I thought maybe this was the most beautiful scene I had ever witnessed.