Where is Helping Point based?

Helping Point is based in India, in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Projects are located in various towns, villages and cities around the border of the two states.

Is Helping Point a religious organization?

Yes, Helping Point is a Christian organization. Our mandate is to share Christ’s grace with Indian communities in a loving, God-honouring way.

When was Helping Point started?

Read about our story for full details.

How is Helping Point different from other aid organizations in the area?

The main distinguishing feature of Helping Point is that it was started by an Indian man, Bidyuta. As a homegrown organization, Helping Point has unique insight into the challenges that local communities face. Our grass-roots driven development model allows for our local staff members to empower community members to participate in and make decisions to effect change for themselves and their community.

What is the relationship between the different Helping Point organizations?

Helping Point, founded originally by Bidyuta Singh in 2001, has grown by God’s grace and now has partner organizations in Canada and England. Helping Point Canada and Helping Point UK operate as joint ministry partners providing resources and oversight for projects operating on the ground in India. Strict financial and project governance is maintained to ensure proper stewardship of funds spent. 

Where does my donation go?

If you choose to specify the specific item you would like to support, your funds will go directly to support that area. If there is no specification designation, your funds will go to meet the area of most need.

Can I get an official tax receipt for donation?

Yes. You will receive a Canadian tax receipt for your donations following financial year end.