St. Simon's School

St. Simon’s School, located in the state of Odisha, is Helping Point’s largest project. The school was founded in 2002 and works to meet the dire need for education in rural India. St. Simon’s School currently educates, feeds and cares for 130 children, ranging in age from 4-16 years, primarily from the “Dalit” (also known as “Untouchable") community. Many of the students come from poverty-stricken families who are unable to provide them with the basic necessities. Education, is widely recognized in India as one of the most necessary tools in the struggle against poverty. Helping Point’s vision for St. Simon’s School is to offer a systematic English education to underprivileged children, with the hope that it will help to lift them, and their families, out of extreme poverty.

A core goal for the school is to teach the children about God’s love through sound Bible teaching, daily prayer and worship. Through this teaching, Helping Point strives to raise up godly young men and women who can be leaders for their communities, eagerly showing Christ’s love to those around them.

Helping Point employs a team of dedicated staff members, many of who come from the same region themselves and are committed to serving the students’ holistic development. By hiring these individuals, who are uniquely equipped to navigate issues faced by these children and their families, Helping Point provides much-needed employment opportunities to rural Indian communities. Both the teachers and staff members strive to provide a safe and loving environment for the young students, where they can thrive, learn and grow in the love of Christ.