Cyclone Titli hits Helping Point

Update (10:00 13/10)

Helping Point was hit hard this week by Cyclone Titli. Thankfully, all of the Helping Point children and staff are safe, however, some buildings at St. Simon’s School have been destroyed.

Please pray for: 

  • Safety from further harm or damage, particularly safe drinking water and power to be restored.

  • Swift and decisive action by the Helping Point Team and local disaster relief efforts.

  • God’s love and care for his people to be shown in miraculous ways.

We are collecting donations for emergency relief for communities and families affected, as well as funds for building repairs and strengthening of our infrastructure.


Update (17:30 13/10):

The roads have now been cleared, allowing Bidyuta access to Jhola Children’s Home and St. Simon’s school. All children are safe and the rain has temporarily subsided. Continue to pray for safety and peace as the Helping Point team determines what actions need to take place in the coming days.

St. Simon’s Dining Hall

St. Simons 6.jpg
St. Simons 3.jpg
Jhola Children’s Home

Jhola Children’s Home

Update (15:00 14/10):

Helping Point has approved the immediate appeal for two funding areas - a Community Relief Fund and a Rebuilding fund to be used for the construction of a permanent Dining/Worship Hall to replace the above damaged temporary structures. Please consider a donation to either of these two appeals:

Rebuilding Fund
Community Relief Fund

Update (8:00 18/10):

We have been visiting Helping Point communities over the past two days to assess the extent of the damage of Cyclone Titli. Main homes have been destroyed, power lines damaged, and water supply cut off. Please pray for the relief efforts of Helping Point and for the continued good weather following the storm to allow for easy access to these areas.

Update (18:00 23/10):

The children at St Simons, though safe, have been left deeply shocked by the experience of living through the cyclone and seeing their library and dining hall destroyed by the winds.

It will take a month to restore proper electrical power. Meanwhile, generators are being used at both the school and Jhola Children's Home to provide two hours' electricity a day and to pump water, with Helping Point staff working 24/7.

Homes in the local village of Gumma and many other Helping Point communities have also been destroyed and Bidyuta is working to help them obtain government support.

Prayer Points:

  1. Give thanks that there was no loss of life.

  2. Pray for the children at the school as they recover from the trauma of the cyclone.

  3. Pray for the local community and for Helping Point staff as they seek to bring them help.