Jhola Children's Home Update

Jhola Children’s Home in Odisha was established in 2010 to care for children who were orphaned or displaced by anti-Christian violence in 2008. It continues to provide a caring home for these children, as well as others from extremely poor backgrounds.

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Fifty-one children, ranging in age from six to fifteen years, now live at Jhola children’s home. Around twenty percent of the children are orphans, the rest coming from single parent families in the area who are unable to care for them, or from other very poor backgrounds. Living at the home enables these children to avoid being trafficked or subjected to child labour and to receive proper ongoing nutrition and health care. Parents visit regularly to spend time with their children.

When a request is made for a child to be admitted, the individual circumstances are carefully considered by Helping Point India’s board. The boys and girls are cared for by the warden, his wife and the cook who work together as a team to prepare the children’s meals. It is hoped to add another Christian couple to the staff in time but this is not currently possible due to a shortage of accommodation. The children receive their education in the local schools where they learn in the native Oriya language, and they are doing very well.

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The government inspection of the home which was due to take place this September has been delayed, Meanwhile, the materials have all been purchased for the new accommodation building for the girls and work will begin shortly, now that the rainy season is coming to an end.